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ODC Expectations of the Game Officials & Coaches

To All of the ODC Officials & Coaches,

In order to make this season a success for ODC, everyone has to do their part.  The game officials are very crucial to our league, so that is why we are providing some expectations that should be followed on a weekly basis.

  • During the game, if there is only one official and the bases are loaded, please make every effort at getting to the center of the field to observe.  This will allow you to have a better view of the entire field.


  • Please be mindful of what you say about any of the teams that are part of the league.  You never know who may be around and who they are affiliated with.


  • If there is an issue during the game, please only deal with one coach from each team.  If, at any given time, you are approached by more than one, please remove them from the game.  This applies to the players as well.


  • If you hear any arguments with the players, please call time and address the issue immediately.  If the arguments continue, call the game and inform the game manager. 


  • If any of the officials are ever threatened, inform the game managers, so they can call 911 and so the players can be removed from the park.


  • Scorekeepers should not be loud and they should not be arguing with anyone during the games.  If the scorekeepers are out of line, please advise the coach to replace them immediately.


  • Please do not show favoritism to any of the teams.  You must be neutral during each and every game.  If you feel that you cannot do that, please let the game manager   know, so you can be moved to another field.


  • Once the game has started, please stop the side conversations with the fans and others.  Please focus on the game and what is happening on the field.


  • Do not give any tips to any of the players on how they should be playing the game.  That brings too much confusion to the players and the game.


  • ODC is a big family with many grandparents, parents, and children at the field, so please watch the profanity.  If you hear too much profanity around your field, please inform a game manager, so the issue can be handled immediately.


  • There will be some very long days, please make sure you have your coolers with your ice on those days.


  • Prayer is something that ODC feels very strong about and it should be done before and after each game.


Thank you for being a part of the ODC Kickball League.

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